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We translate the most advanced computer vision, deep-learning models and proprietary algorithms into robust platforms

Enhanced privacy protection for customers, parteners and employees

Interactive Digital Solutions

We use a fusion of innovative technologies and smart concepts to create Mixed Reality interactive digital solutions

We bend new realities with technology to create powerful visual experiences

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Alternative solutions of transportation based on green energy technology which will provide a healthier environment for the future

ZING aims to revolutionize the future of urban mobility

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We are ENTEX. Together with our technology partners, leaders in the ICT industry, we have leveraged our forces, experience and expertise in order to disrupt the status-quo with customized analytics, applications and automation solutions. We build innovative custom software and analytics solutions that drive digital transformation and improve decision-making. Our people-centred approach to building scalable solutions ensures we deliver on the expectations of our clients and their customers. Our expert team of strategists, engineers, and advisors, combines experience and passion to improve your business.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We Work With Experts Who Are Familiar With The Challenges And Changes In Your Industry. Customization is an important step in solutions development because it assures a well integrated process and a step by step analysis.

Fully Integrated End-To-End Enterprise Solutions

Fully Integrated End-To-End Enterprise Solutions

ENTEX has a legacy of designing and integrating a wide range of solutions based on various technologies across multiple business enterprises, encapsulating customized IT solutions to customers


ENTEX means
strategic collaboration


Our approach on project development is to provide the best custom solution tailored to the needs of each of our clients. Our advantage lies in seeing each project as part of a much larger strategic collaboration. Starting with the provision and development of complex industrial automation solutions, Big Data, Cloud & High-performance Computing, we are always ready to meet any future technological challenges.

For systems integrations, ENTEX helps businesses of all sizes to harness and combine the benefits of crucial technologies, overcoming integration challenges with internal and also third-party processes.


Established in 2012, ENTEX Logic is the solution and system integrator, Founding Member & Leader of Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster. The company is implementing a set of best practices that apply in several industries, to address different business requirements, working to design the requirements of each solution and presents the benefits of real technology innovation throughout all industries.

Area of expertise: Complex & State of the Art Innovation and Technology, an IT Company – starting from Design to Implementation of complete IT projects in the areas of business processes optimization, IT infrastructure management, respectively in consultancy and training for IT specialists, solutions for a large area of Industries and Innovative Technologies.

ENTEX Logic designed, developed and implemented complex innovative applications, for which the company carried out activities, such as: research for the development of interactive concepts for innovative applications, application development, setting of technical and quality requirements for the equipment necessary for interactive systems, technical and quality requirements for the virtual content of the applications, which allowed the visitors to interact with the system, and the acquisition of equipment for the interactive systems and their arrangement and commissioning.

The company designed and implemented projects for companies and institutions in the fields of Public & Private Sector with focus on Energy, Utilities, Various Industry, Production, Distribution, Transportation, Pharma and Services.


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Locul 1 Top Afaceri România 2021

Locul 1 Top Afaceri România 2021

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We realize the new technology services' full potential to drive a new era of superior business and productivity.

ENTEX offers a wide range of IT and digital transformation services, including state-of-the-art system integration, and will help you transform your end-to-end lifecycle with more efficient, effective, and budget-friendly processes combining Best Romanian Expertise with Top Global Technology Partners.

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