At Entex Logic We Work With Experts Who Are Familiar With The Challenges And Changes In Your Industry.

Our system integration specialists can help businesses from multiple sectors manage and overcome the complexity in their technology stacks. With Entex, you can solve a host of business challenges using the integration of services, technology, and processes, with support from a team that can help with testing, application architecture, and programme management. Entex can also assist with system design and development.



The solution portfolio includes Planning and Implementation of innovative solutions by Integrating new IT processes in the existing environment, simple and efficient:
Optimization and management of business processes

1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
2. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
2.1. BPM (Business Process Management)
2.2. DCM (Digital Content Management)
3. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
4. BI (Business Intelligence & Analytics)
5. WMS (Warehouse Management System)
6. Smart Automations & Integrations
7. AI, IoT, Big Data
8. ePortals (Licensed & Open Source technologies)
9. eLearning (platforms and content development)
10. Enterprise Mobile Applications (iOS & Android)
11. Custom applications design & development

IT Consulting and Training

1. Consultancy regarding the choice of IT solutions
2. Consulting on optimizing the existing IT environment
3. Consulting on the adoption of new technologies
4. Consultancy on alignment with international security standards
5. Consulting on the integration and consolidation of various existing applications in the IT environment
6. Auditing the existing IT environment and medium and long term optimization solutions
7. Security audit with highlighting existing problems and proposing technical solutions to remove security breaches from the existing system
8. Business audit to identify existing processes and propose modern technologies for process optimization 9. Personalized training
IT infrastructure services

IT infrastructure services ranging from consulting, design, implementation to maintenance, user support, operation and other customized support and support models.
1. Complex Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions
2. Infrastructure Virtualization
3. Enterprise Storage
4. Data Warehouse
5. Unified Communications
6. IT Operations Management
Outsourcing IT services

1. IT Department Services
2. IT helpdesk operation services
3. Network operation and maintenance services
4. Application operation and maintenance services
5. Data center services
6. Security services
7. Archiving services (electronics and physics)